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Our many years of experience, our pioneering and innovative materials, place us among the buying publics top choices when it comes to sleep products. Natural, hypo-allergenic, high quality materials, such as feather, cashmere, horsehair, coir promise a truly relaxing sleep and an even better awakening, full of wellness and energy.


Section 5 Pocket Springs

5-section pocket springs offer ideal support at the heaviest points of the body, e.g. shoulders and hips, thus giving a perfect feel of rest and relaxation. They ensure the anatomic and orthopedic support of the mattress.

Coil In Coil Springs

Coil in Coil is a unique type of springs with over 700 double pocket springs per m2 on the whole surface of the mattress. Every single spring contains another one with smaller coils, while elasticity is shared in two successive levels that increase and decrease the final feel according to the pressure exerted at each point of the mattress. The anatomic and orthopedic support of the mattress is ensured.

Section 5 Mini Pocket Springs

Section 5 mini pocket springs, with smaller diameter. They offer ideal support at the heaviest points of the body, e.g. shoulders and hips, thus giving a perfect feel of rest and relaxation. They ensure the anatomic and orthopedic support of the mattress.
Double Side Pocket Springs
Two sides of pocket springs with different hardness. The different sides offer absolute orthopedic support, while you can enjoy either a soft or a hard feel according to your preference. The anatomic and orthopedic support of the mattress is ensured.

Bonnel Springs

Springs made of a special steel wire in a form of double cone. Thus, the resistance to the pressure exerted on them is progressive and the proper orthopedic support of the spine is ensured.


Horsehair creates an extremely dry microclimate, thus ensuring comfort in both warm and cold conditions. It perfectly regulates the mattress moisture. Horsehair derives from the mane and the tail of the horse and after being sterilized it is formed in sheets.
Camel Hair
Camel hair is an extremely durable and lightweight material. It is hypo-allergenic, thanks to its anti-static nature and has thermostatic properties. Camel wool is the most suitable material for people who sweat a lot, as it successfully regulates body temperature and the small climate in the sleeping environment. Applying camel hair to the mattresses as a final layer, offers extra comfort and rest.
Cashmere is an extremely soft material of luxury. It is a high quality wool deriving from the thinnest hair of Cashmere goat. The hair is removed with a comb and woven, in a soft thread. It is a natural, insulating material and gives to the final product an excellent sense of luxury. Cashmere is distinguished for its soft fibers. Its fibers are very easily adaptable. Cashmere absorbs the moisture and its insulating ability varies according to the moisture level in the air, thus making the mattress suitable for every climate.
It absorbs up to 40% moisture without giving the feel of moist and then gradually releases it. The wavy fibers of wool, contain millions of air pockets that maintain the ideal temperature. It has isothermal and insulating properties, a soft and warm texture.

Soft, pure, hypo-allergenic material with valuable properties. The cotton fibers are able to control the moisture levels thanks to their excellent absorbency. This property, combined with the softness of its fibers makes cotton ideal, regarding to hygiene and comfort. The body breathes first without sweating and so does the mattress, since it facilitates the circulation of air inside the mattress.
Cashmere / Wool / Silk
This type of surface combines all natural and beneficial properties of all those three natural materials. An innovative combination, in an extremely soft, luxury material.
Rubberized Horsehair
Horsehair, even rubberized (sprayed with liquid latex), preserves all those characteristics that make it the best material for the mattress.
Rubberized Coir
The flexible layer of coir preserves the ability to eliminate moisture and ventilate the mattress, while its elasticity achieves perfect resilience thanks to the special fibers contained. It is sprayed with liquid latex, so as to remain unaltered after long time of use.
Cotton Felt
Cotton needled felt, that is specially sterilized and hardened at high temperatures. The result of this procession, is a robust material that behaves as a protector between the springs and the rest materials of the mattress.

A material derived from natural rubber with antibacterial and hypo-allergic properties, great elasticity and excellent ventilation thanks to its open cell structure.

The latest innovation in therapeutic sleep. Κ3Gel provides revolutionary three-dimensional pressure relief. Thanks to its cellular structure, Κ3Gel embraces the body and gives optimum comfort. Κ3Gel cubes enhance and facilitate air circulation, thus they maintain a neutral temperature during sleep and the air is constantly recycled. Κ3Gel is made of the combination of soft thermoplastic resin and oils, which also produce the baby oil.
3D Material
The revolutionary 3D material allows the circulation of the air. It prevents the growth of germs and microorganisms inside the mattress and provides a three dimensional pressure relief. It guarantees elasticity, perfect resilience, hygiene, anatomic support and comfort.
The revolutionary and absolute thermoregulatory material i-foam – memory foam, produced from micro-spheres called PCM, “Phase Change Material”, regulates the temperature and creates an ideal microclimate in every season (freshness in summer, stable temperature in winter). Furthermore, it embraces the natural curves of the body by adjusting its shape to the pressures exerted by absorbing the vibrations.
Nova Latex
High technology foam material with great elasticity, high density and durability. Its hypo-allergenic properties guarantee the hygiene of the mattress and a great feel of relaxation. It enhances the anatomic properties of the mattress and offers a feel of comfort and relaxation.
The open-cell structure of Breeze material, allows the free passage of air and the rapid removal of heat and moisture, enhancing the sense of absolute well-being and deeper relaxation.
Gaia Waterililly
GAIA® is one of the most innovative products in mattress manufacturing industry. Its structure is based on water, on raw materials produced by renewable resources, such as soya and special vegetable oils extracted by chamomile, cypress, lavender, sage and orange blossoms. A foam material of high density and durability with a distinctive, pleasant scent.
Flex Foam / Foam
This high density foam material, helps to maintain the distances among the rest materials and their isolation regardless of the body weight. It also provides proper ventilation, elasticity and has anatomic properties.
A foam material, that thanks to the special shape of its surface, offers great relaxation and wellness and contributes to the anatomic support of the body.
Intermediate Fibers
A flexible and lightweight material, suitable for all types of fabrics. It offers good insulation and allows the air circulation.

Visco Matt Royal

An excellent fabric that allows air circulation. It has a high wear resistance, while its unique composition gives a sense of luxury to the surface of the mattress.
Knitted fabric
A knitted fabric with quilted processing that enhances protection, elasticity and soft feel of the product, without restricting the characteristics of the rest materials contained in the mattress.
Air Cool knitted fabric
A fabric with thermal regulating properties, knitted, quilted processed, enhances protection, elasticity and soft feel of the mattress. Its main characteristic is that it regulates the temperature and creates an ideal microclimate in every season.
Fastening film
Quilted along the entire length and width of the mattress, with excellent finishing for the best fastening of materials.